What's it going to Cost?

Best way to find out is to give a Marriage Celebrant a call :) From Freebies to $1800 - After a chat with a Marriage Celebrant about your Wedding ceremony plans you'll know how much your awesome Celebrant is going to cost..

  • Legals only Marriage Ceremonies

    How much does a wedding ceremony cost? What does the celebrant charge?  Save your $$$.

    Seriously! Exactly that “Legals Only”.  Boring Wedding Poetry, Long Winded wedding Ceremony Readings, blurbs about marriage values, personalised vows, wedding ring exchange vows – All Gone!

    This the cheapest option, fasted and simplest wedding ceremony option out there!

    Save the wedding costs during COVID restrictions and have a HUGE Renewal Party down the track.

    GUEST LIST: You two, Two Witnesses and your awesome Marriage Celebrant – 5 in a Room- BOOM!!

    Usually in the Celebrants Office – travel cost can apply if marriage celebrant travel required.

    Done in as little as 10 minutes – QUICK, SIMPLE EASY Marriage Ceremony!

    Great for couples who “just want it done!” or going OS for the their wedding and want their marriage registered in Australia.

  • Basic Inclusions For Most Marriage Ceremony Packages:
    • Phone and email contact - Yep you gotta talk to the marriage celebrant so the marriage ceremony sounds like yours
    • Meeting for preparation and lodgement of the legal Notice of Intended Marriage paperwork - Yep Marriage Paperwork just gotta be done rights so that its all legit!
    • Commemorative marriage certificate - Every body gets one of these whether you want one or not - It's the law
    • Early arrival to the marriage ceremony space to set up and meet and greet - OMG imagine if the Marriage Celebrant to arrived late or just in time for your wedding ceremony
    • Signing table (upon request) - a table is handy or use the bestman's back.  Its 3 signatures each and BOOM !! You are married.
    • Agreed Ceremony venue location of your choice.  Celebrant fee often covers the cost of travel to your wedding venue.  You book the venue and your marriage celebrant will be there.
    • Travel costs within agreed range - Sometimes your wedding venue is far-far away and it is a cut ride and camel lunch for us all.
  • The Wedding Ceremony Price goes up with “The Ceremony Extras”
    • Day and time of the week – Saturday’s @3pm Is the most expensive!
    • Travel to "far far" away
    • “Danger Dollars” for going out on a “limb” with you guys!
    • Signing table with styling & chairs
    • Aisle runner, Ceremony mat and Arbour
    • Simple sweet marriage ceremony wording – pop in your details to a prepared ceremony – EASY AS!
    • Getting creative and personalising your marriage ceremony
    • Go Awesome with your truly unique and special marriage ceremony wording
    • Personal vows and ring exchange
    • Sand Ceremony, Candle Ceremony, Ring Warming Ceremony, Rose Ceremony, Family Unity Inclusions
    • Blessing of the Hands Ritual
    • Hand Fasting Ceremony
    • Smudging/Smoking/ Sage Ceremony
    • Celebrant brings in cool ceremony ideas, poems and vow examples
    • Regular contact: Face to Face, Zooms, Skypes, emails, texts and calls
    • PA system
    • Music thru the PA System
    • Selection of Songs
    • Keepsake booklet with copy of your ceremony
    • Helping you write your personalised vows  - We got this!
    • Walk-thru Ceremony Rehearsal @Venue or elsewhere
    • Let’s nail the ceremony wording  - work together as we review and tweak your ceremony to perfection
  • Marriage Celebrants EarlyBird/EXPO Booking Discounts/SAVE $$$

    Lots of different deals out there!

    • Pay full marriage celebrant wedding fee within 14 days of initial meeting and SAVE$$$$.
    • Book on the day of the Wedding EXPO (or soon after) and get an immediate Discount – Great chance to snap up a great deal.
    • Monthly wedding Celebrant "Specials" - Check out a celebrant to see their offer
  • What’s a Pop up Weddings?

    A Pop-Up Wedding usually includes, at a minimum, the Celebrant & Photographer/Videographer. Some include Marriage Ceremony Venue, Ceremony location Styling, the WEDDING CAKE!! And the awesomest inclusion – online streaming of your wedding ceremony!!

    A great option if you want to reduce the run around and believe that organising to the finest detail is not you.  Most Pop-Up Wedding usually provides an intimate, affordable and no-stress option for your wedding.

    Pop-Up weddings grow from the Quickie wedding to a few “extras” to the full “BOOM!”

  • There are Pop-Up Weddings and POP-UP WEDDINGS!!

    A Quickie Pop-Up Marriage Ceremony - Pretty much a Legals Only with up to about 10 guests. No guff: The marriage ceremony is all done and dusted in under 10mins usually.

    No Frills Marriage Ceremony – Yep the Marriage Ceremony is getting a bit more personalised, a bit longer and more guests are sharing the ceremony love with you two, usually up to about 30ish.

    Complete Ceremony  - Full ceremony GIG.  It’s all included.  The Pop-Up Wedding Celebrant Package includes heaps of extras to save you running around and organising it! Have a good read of the Pop-Up Wedding Ceremony Inclusions List to check which wedding celebrant, which photographer and what’s in the Pop-up wedding package.

  • The “STONE” Wedding Packages

    These are a blast from the past!! Emerald, Sapphire, Ruby to the Diamond Wedding Ceremony Package.  As you move upwards the wedding packages the inclusions go up with the Wedding package fee.

    Like always - there is fine print to have a read or chat about the ceremony package so you know what’s included.