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If your question is a little complicated?

Easy.... please call a celebrant and explain your situation.  Often the answer to a question can very much depend upon the specifics of your situation. Happy- to help you!


  • How much will the Celebrant cost and what services are covered by the celebrant's fee?

    The cost of the celebrant varies wildly - some as little as $250 and up to $1800 plus.  Contact a few celebrants and have a chat about what sort of wedding ceremony you are planning. Celebrant fess/cost can vary based on the ceremony type, date, time of day, day and any extra travel or ceremony requirements.

  • Will my Marriage Celebrant help me with my personalised wedding vows?

    You betcha!!  There are heaps of wedding vows website they might recommend or some may share some sample personalised vows.  Other marriage celebrants will write a first draft of your vows based on what you have said to them.  There are heaps of awesome marriage celebrants who are happy to help you make those wedding personalised vows  "perfect", "fun " and "just right" for you.

  • How do I start planning my wedding ceremony?

    Contact a celebrant to make an appointment as soon as you have selected a date and have a general idea as to the venue for your wedding. If you have left booking a celebrant a little late you might like to think of selecting Friday or another weekday for your ceremony as Saturdays can fill early. You can book a celebrant up to 18months prior to your date. This is a great way of securing that special date i.e. New Year's Eve, Easter or popular Saturdays. Often civil marriage celebrants will offer an obligation free first meeting.

  • Where can we get married by a civil marriage celebrant?

    Almost anywhere - You have complete freedom of choice, a wedding function centre, garden, beach, park, and your own home. Of course you will need to confirm with the owners of the site i.e. local council. Your chosen celebrant can often recommend lots of suitable local sites.

  • Some wedding ceremony facts:
    • You can include other people in your ceremony other than the celebrant
    • The bride can choose to be given away by her father or mother or children or a close friend or not at all. Often it is just nice to have someone's arm to hold as you walk up the aisle. A giving away is optional.
    • Most ceremonies last for 20 - 30 minutes
    • There are certain words/phrases that must be included in the ceremony for it to conform with the Marriage Act 1961. Your celebrant should ensure these are included
    • You can have spiritual and religious wording in your ceremony if your wish. Please discuss this further with your celebrant
    • Music is often played as the bride enters, as the signing is occurring and at the end of the ceremony
    • You require two adult witnesses for the ceremony
    • It is no longer customary for the bride to be late.
  • Which signature do I sign the documents with at my wedding ceremony?

    The same signature your signed the Notice of Intended Marriage Form.

  • How do I change my name after the marriage ceremony?

    Your celebrant can advise where, how and how much to obtain an Official Marriage Certificate.

  • Can I fill my Notice of Intended Marriage Form before my divorce is finalised?

    Yes, you can but you can't be married until the celebrant has sighted your original final divorce papers.

  • One party to the marriage wishes to immigrate to Australia - VISA

    Make an appointment with a Celebrant so that you can complete and lodge a Notice of Intended Marriage Form. The Celebrant can then provide you with a letter confirming your lodgement of a Notice of Intended Marriage Form.

If your Wedding Ceremony question is not listed or you would like more information

Often the answer to a question can very much depend upon the specifics of your marriage situation.  Please select a civil marriage celebrant and give them a call or send an email to explain your situation. Most celebrants are happy to assist you.


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