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Eloping is Easy....
By Ms Amanda Knapton CMC, NSW
30 June 2011

Eloping is easy - Amanda Knapton (Civil Marriage Celebrant)

Eloping can be a lot of fun - and it doesn't necessarily mean the family and friends miss out. 

Many couples simply choose to have a small private affair to cover the legalities and opt for a party or celebration at a later date.   Or some couples simply want to create a wedding ceremony that is meaningful and beautiful for the two of them, without the expense and/or hassle of a large event

Today's elopements are no longer taboo affairs, they are happy surprises.

Image the two of you, at your favourite location, whether it is barefoot on a beach at sunset, where you first kissed, the ‘proposal' location, or simply in your home - or even at the airport. 

The beauty of eloping is you can do it your way!  If you wish you can still incoporate traditional components as part of the ceremony: a beautiful bouquet, professional photo's, champagne, the "big white dress," and the groom in his best.  Alternatively you can turn up to your Ceremony in casual attire and bare feet!   Whatever you choose we can create a Ceremony which reflects your unique personal style.   

Just because you elope does not mean that family members or friends can't be with you. You can still have your father walk you down the ‘aisle' or your best friend  or parents witness your ceremony. The best part of eloping is that there are no rules! 

The great thing about an intimate elopement ceremony is that you can say anything you like without feeling self-conscious.  Many couples find it difficult to express themselves fully in front of an audience but with an elopement this is not an issue!  You can be as romantic and heartfelt as you wish... it's a wonderful feeling and will mean so much to your partner to hear your deepest emotions expressed on your wedding day.

Whatever the reason, it can still be a beautiful and meaningful day for the two or you and something you'll remember forever.


Don't forget the legal requirements....  You will still need to complete the "Notice of Intention to Marry" Form form 31 days prior to your Wedding Ceremony and your Celebrant will still need to site the relevant legal documents.  You will also need to have two witnesses present, over the age of 18.

Tips for Eloping:

  • Go ahead and keep your marriage a secret from your family, but let flight attendants and hotel clerks know! They might boost you up to first class or give you extra perks with your room service.
  • Get creative with your wedding and do something you couldn't do with 200 on looking guests. Your memories will thank you for it.
  • If you don't want the hassle of planning a wedding but would like a handful of your closest family and friends to be present, consider a modified elopement. Invite the few people you want present, and tell them this is top secret. Make sure you only invite people who can keep a secret.
  • Take a lot of photos of your elopement, so you can share your experience with your friends and family when you are ready


But remember it's your Wedding Day and have fun with it, because Life is worth celebrating!


Amanda Knapton

Civil Marriage Celebrant

Sydney M: 0409 658 743