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The name change game - What are you options?
By Easy Name Change, National
21 January 2009


It can be difficult to know what your new married name options are, or even to decide that you want to change your name.  All up there are 5 options you can take.


  1. Change your surname to your spouse's surname.   85% of women still chose to take their husband's name with the majority dropping their maiden name from documentation altogether. 
  2. Take a double barreled surname.   While the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages may ask you to register a double barreled surname via an official change of name, you will find most companies will be happy to change your documentation over using just your full marriage certificate, including the passport office.  They will let you space or hyphenate your new double barreled surname, and you can then use this documentation to change over subsequent accounts.
  3. Use a combination of your married name and maiden name.   If you have developed a reputation in an industry you may decide to retain your maiden name at work, however change over your personal documentation into your new name.  This is entirely legal and becoming more commonplace.
  4. Take a different name entirely.   This process is called a legal name change and is handled via the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages in your home state.  
  5. Leave your name as it currently is and take no action.

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