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Benefits of Silk Flowers
By Silk Blooms, SE Queensland
25 August 2008


Gone are the days where your grandmother used to have those dust collecting very fake looking plastic flowers.  Artificial flowers have come along way since those days...thank goodness. 

These days artificial flowers are so life like that they are often mistaken for fresh flowers.  Most artificial flowers are made from either silk or latex and are mainly imported from China.  The materials used are very durable, maintain their colour and often are mistaken for fresh flowers.

Table and ceremony arrangements are so life-like as the resin substance used inside the glass vases gives the illusion that the arrangements are sitting in water. 

Using silk flowers will suit everyone:

  • Artificial flowers are so life like that they are often mistaken for fresh flowers
  • No dropping leaves or wilting.  There is no mess of leaves and petals dropping or wilting.
  • Flower allergy sufferers can breathe easy.   
  • You are able to keep your bouquet forever without having to get your bouquet preserved.
  • You can have your first choice of flowers at any time of the year.
  • Affordability - silk flowers are often less expensive than fresh.


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