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7 Things to Know About Getting Married in Australia
By Jane Gillespie CMC, Sydney

An Authorised Civil Marriage Celebrant can marry you anywhere, at any time of the day, on any day of the week.

Here are seven things you should know to get your started with a civil ceremony.....

How to Write Vows to Live by.....
By Mrs Jacklyn Cimino CMC, Melbourne

The vows you speak are the public manifestation of a private promise. They need to feel so right and alive that you can feel and live them while you're busy living your real, everyday life. And that  you will use them as an anchor when your marital ship has drifted off course. 

Let me suggest a formula that has proven worthwhile and successful when writing personal vows.

Eloping is Easy....
By Ms Amanda Knapton CMC, NSW


Eloping can be a lot of fun - and it doesn't necessarily mean the family and friends miss out. 

Prospective Marriage Visa / Fiance Visa
By Maarit - Small Weddings , Elopements & Namings ....., Brisbane

Prospective Marriage Visa / Fiancé(e) Visa
Are you looking at applying for a Prospective Marriage Visa ?

What Supporting Documentation can a Marriage Celebrant provide for your Prospective
Marriage Visa Application this article..

How to Include People in Your Wedding Ceremony- Advice from a Brisbane Wedding Celebrant
By Mrs Megan Wilson CMC, Brisbane

Most people will think of Bridesmaids and Groomsmen when comes to including others in their wedding ceremony, however there are other ways, some small some large, that you can include people.

Renewal of Vows Ceremonies
By Need a Celebrant,

Married couples Renew their Vows for many different reason.  Whatever your reason one of our great celebrants will be able to create the Renewal of Vows ceremony that suits your occasion.


Planning a Wedding in Fiji??
By Mrs Linda Brewer CMC JP(Qual), Brisbane

Here are 5 Things to remember when Planning a Wedding in Fiji ..........

The name change game - What are you options?
By Easy Name Change, National


It can be difficult to know what your new married name options are, or even to decide that you want to change your name.  All up there are 5 options you can take.

Benefits of Silk Flowers
By Silk Blooms, SE Queensland

Gone are the days where your grandmother used to have those dust collecting very fake looking plastic flowers.   Artificial flowers have come along way since those days...thank goodness. 

There are many factors to consider when choosing your veil. Here are a few suggestions:
By The Veil Shop, SE Qld

At The Veil House, we aim to make the process of choosing your wedding veil as simple as possible whilst offering expert friendly advice whether you choose to design your own or find one in our collection. 

Read our full article for a few helpful suggestions.

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